Team Members

Louis M. Lopez


Louis M. Lopez has 40 years of experience as a competitor, coach, referee, instructor, and tournament director. He has been involved in the Corpus Christi community as a volunteer coach and instructor. He founded the Corpus Christi YMCA 
Judo Club, Friendswood Judo club, and Lopez Judo Academy, LLC. He also founded the Houston Open Judo Tournament. 

Sixth Degree Black Belt in Judo, certified with the United States Judo Association. 
Fourth Degree Black Belt in JuJitsu, also certified with the United States Judo Association. 
USJA Certified National Judo Referee from 1995 to 2000.
USA Judo National Coach and Referee

2005 - 2016 President/Sensei of Lopez Judo Academy LLC. 
2002 - 2004 Judo Instructor, Corpus Christi YMCA 
1995 - 2002 Judo Instructor, Friendswood Judo Academy 
1983 - 1995 Volunteer Judo Instructor, Corpus Christi YMCA Judo Club

1999 - United States National Judo Championships Bronze Medallist at Spokane, Washington.
1997 - United States National Judo Championships Silver Medallist at Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 
1994 - United States National Judo Championship Bronze Medallist at Irving, California.

2000 US Senior National Judo Championships Equipment Chairman in Houston, Texas (800 competitors). 
1995 US Junior National Judo Championships Tournament

Co-Director in Austin, Texas (600 competitors).
Tournament Director of various local, regional, and state tournaments.

National Referee at Various Junior National Tournaments. 
National Referee at Senior National Judo Championships in Chicago, Illinois. 
Official Drug and Alcohol Test Assistant to the United Olympic Committee at Colorado Springs, Colorado for US Judo Olympic Team selection.

Master of Arts in Administration, Organizational Development from the University of the Incarnate

Alvin T. Reagan


Alvin T. Reagan studied judo and hapkido with Sensei Lee H. Park while at Southeast Missouri State University (1975-1976), and continued with Sensei Dennis Helm at Southern Illinois University (1977-1978), achieving the rank of Nikyu. In pursuing a career, he moved to areas that did not have a judo dojo nearby.

In 1997, he resumed his study with the Sensei Jack Farrell of the Stockton judo club, along with his oldest son, and, in January 2001, was awarded Shodan. While with the Stockton Judo Club, he served as assistant instructor and coach, completing a refereeing clinic (February 2001) and a D level coaching program (September 2002) offered through the Daihaegen Yudanshakai.

He was promoted to Nidan in March 2004 and promoted to Sandan by Sensei Lopez in May of 2006.


  • September 1975 through December 1976 –Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri - instructor Lee H. Park, godan (5th degree black belt) – rank achieved – yonkyu (green belt)

  • January 1977 through December 1978 – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois – instructor Dennis Helm, yokan – rank achieved – nikyu (2nd degree brown belt)

  • August 1996 through December 2004 – Stockton Judo Club, Stockton, CA – head instructor Jack Ferrell, rokudan (6th degree black belt) - ranks achieved – shodan (1st degree black belt) – January 2, 2001), nidan (2nd degree black belt) – March 4, 2004

    • Assistant instructor for satellite Manteca Judo Club in Manteca, CA, working primarily with children ages 8 through 18.

    • Daiheigen Judo Yudanshakai clinics attended:

      • Refereeing Clinic

      • Coaching Clinic

      • Nage No Kata Clinic

  • September 2005 through July 2009, September 2015 through present - Assistant Instructor – Lopez Judo Academy, LLC – head instructor Louis Lopez, rokudan (6th degree black belt) – ranch achieved – sandan (3rd degree black belt) – March 8, 2004

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